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2019 UKPHR Annual Practitioner Conference 12 November, London (tbc)
2018 UKPHR Annual Practitioner Conference 14 November, Birmingham
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The Thames Valley Public Health Practitioner Development Scheme has been in place since 2012.  The scheme is a quality assured local assessment scheme to enable practitioners to join the UK Public Health Register (UKPHR) to gain Practitioner registration.  (Link to UKPHR Publicity Leaflet

Thames Valley runs an annual training programme.  The 2015 scheme was independently evaluated to examine the strengths and weakness of the local scheme prior to the start of the 2016 programme.  Please see Evaluation to read the report.

The standards for practitioner registration are set out in UKPHR Practitioner Standards 14.

What is expected of practitioners applying to the scheme?  Individuals successfully accepted on to the scheme will be expected to submit three pieces of work to create an e-portfolio of evidence to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and ability to work at Level 5 of the Public Health Skills & Knowledge Framework.  The e-portfolio will be reviewed by UKPHR trained Assessors and verified by a panel to agree submission to the UKPHR for registration. 

The cohort will be expected to submit their completed e-portfolio by an agreed deadline made clear at the beginning of the application process.  Interested applicants should carefully consider the amount of work involved and the amount of personal time expected to be able to meet deadlines.

The scheme supports practitioners through the provision of four learning sets during the year facilitated by an Educator who is a Registered Practitioner.   To learn more about the scheme, see the UKPHR Framework & Guidance

FPH announces "Practitioner Membership is now open!" 
The 24th of each month is an important date for FPH as it is the day when new members are elected to join us and existing members are congratulated on progressing through the ranks of FPH membership. As such, it is only fitting that today is the day that we open FPH to our new Practitioner members. FPH Membership is now open to Practitioners registered with the UKPHR and those enrolled on a practitioner registration scheme. As the professional home for public health we understand that many public health practitioners are undertaking more strategic work and FPH members have chosen to expand our community and welcome our  colleagues who deliver public health across the UK.  Further information together with the registration form for joining, is available on the FPH website.

Who can join?  Anyone who has completed their registration with UKPHR can join as a Practitioner and those enrolled on a registration scheme but are still waiting to complete their portfolio, can join as an Enrolled Practitioner.

Practitioner benefits: Use of a dedicated practitioner CPD scheme and online CPD diary; Access to existing FPH publications and bulletins, including a quarterly magazine Public Health Today and the internationally recognised Journal of Public Health; Access to short competency courses for building public health skills; Access to career guidance including support from existing specialist members and through a growing national network of practitioners; Invitations to regional and national events with FPH members and senior public health stakeholders; Access to Special Interest Groups, which are member-led networks focusing on particular themes such as sustainable development, transport or global public health; Use of the post-nominal letters PFPH (Practitioner of the Faculty of Public Health).

If you have any questions about Practitioner Membership please feel free to email nickmckenzie@fph.org.uk

or call 020 3696 1483.

We hope that many practitioners choose to join FPH and work with us and our existing members to build a strong community of public health professionals. More than ever we need a collective voice for the public health workforce and with their help we can ensure better health for all across the UK.

'Understanding the Public Health Practitioner Workforce' A recent (March 2016) report by the Centre for Workforce Intelligence (CfWI): http://www.cfwi.org.uk/publications/cfwi-publishes-a-study-on-the-public-health-practitioner-workforce The report includes a summary of the regulatory bodies responsible for members of this workforce, a proposed definition of a 'public health practitioner' for use in future discussions and workforce planning, and examples of the roles filled by public health practitioners.